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Senior health services are improving all the time in the U.S. A new model for top-quality senior health care is found at centers such as The Senior Health and Wellness Center in Cleveland, Ohio. At this center there is a spirit of collaboration in all the services provided to seniors. A consortium of four major health organizations in the area have worked together to create a center where all the health needs of seniors are provided for by trained geriatricians––those doctors especially trained to serve seniors.


Senior health centers place great emphasis on preventative methods for wellness such as their senior assessment. The senior assessment is a personal “map of health” created in screenings and interviews. In it an individual will be screened for medicines currently taken, walking ability in the effort to prevent falls, assistance with incontinence issues, monitoring ongoing conditions such as diabetes or arthritis, a mental health screening to watch for mood swings or memory problems, and more. The information is put together and remains available for any future health concerns.


In addition to the concern for preventative health measures and professionals focused exclusively on senior care, wellness centers provide other services. In the Cleveland center there is outpatient care provided as well as home-based services in the community. There is a long-term care unit for those requiring a higher level of care. There is also a benefits office to help seniors go through the paperwork involved in matching their healthcare packages, medicare or other governmental coverages with the center’s services. There are other amenities including a hair salon, a cafeteria and pharmacy onsite.


Centers such as the Cleveland Center are becoming available in major American cities. The benefits of such comprehensive programs are many. They include prevention of major illnesses, monitoring of chronic conditions, immediate care which allows for a greater degree of senior independence and quality services for any medical concerns.


An additional benefit of senior wellness centers is the fact that they may reduce the incidence of elder abuse. Abuse of elders can come in many forms from neglect to outright physical traumas. The services provided by wellness centers will often either prevent abuse in the first place or intervene when it is discovered in medical appointment interviews. The resources available to caregivers may lessen the stresses which lead to abuse of seniors who aren’t able to protect themselves.


Wellness centers usually offer fitness programs or refer patients to local senior fitness opportunities. Fitness classes will provide for the five basic components of physical well-being: aerobic health, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility. Each of these components benefit overall health in some specific ways. For example muscular strength can prevent falls.


There is no doubt that senior wellness centers are a major boost to senior health. If you live in the U.S. you may want to go online and find the centers nearest you. For a list of online sites related to senior health and wellness go to this site. We live in a great time for being a healthy and active senior. Take full advantage of the health resources in your community. Your local health clubs, community recreation centers, the benefits of your personal health plan or a senior wellness center such as the Cleveland center may be just the ticket you need to maximize your own health.