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Sleeping-Seniors-250x250The aging process is all about change. We learn life lessons and become wiser. We build our self-esteem over time and learn to appreciate the important aspects of life on this earth. We value our relationships and work to improve them and treasure them. The sex life we had as young people won’t be the same as the one we enjoy as seniors, it will be different, but can still be satisfying and enjoyable. Most seniors can still maintain an active sex life into their seventies and eighties.


Common Problems

There are, of course, a number of issues that can decrease sexual activity or even prohibit it. Health concerns are probably the most common barriers to an active sexual life. Men experience decreased levels of testosterone and women experience vaginal dryness, for example. In addition, necessary medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and the like can decrease ability to perform sexually. Conditions such as arthritis can cause sexual activity to become painful. Even such conditions as obesity or depression can decrease sexual enjoyment. But in most cases, some form of sexual intimacy can be maintained with the proper medical attention and advice.



Maintaining the desire for intimacy is key to “keeping the fire alive.” While there may be a tendency to decrease sexual contact, it is important to promote closeness and intimacy in daily routines. A healthy self esteem will allow seniors to be content with an older body and appreciate the truly important aspects of a relationship with less emphasis on performance. We can love our older selves and allow our partners to be comfortable with their aging body as well. If professional help is necessary either for mental-emotional support or physiological treatment, make that a priority. Advances in healthcare, nutrition, medical solutions to sexual dysfunctions all help to keep sexual activity a possibility well into old age.

The Right Attitude

For seniors it’s probably just as important to have genuine intimacy with our partner as it is to have intercourse. We may enjoy playful teasing and laughter as much as achieving orgasm. We can appreciate touch such as hand-holding, hugs, kisses and massage whether or not they lead to sex. Human beings need powerful emotional experience, but it can be different as we age. We have the benefit of fewer demands on our time, and fewer worries related to sex such as pregnancy or “performance.” Seniors have fewer time constraints, thus less pressure as to when and how to enjoy sex. We want to honor our partner’s needs and optimize their experience. We can appreciate a different style or position because the relationship is most important.


Don’t forget that healthy sex lives depend on healthy bodies. As much as possible, optimize your health by staying active, eating a healthy diet and taking proper care of your body.



You may need medical advice related to maintaining your healthy sex life. You might want to embark on a new health regimen to improve your stamina and overall health. Check out the following websites where you’ll find the information you need to pursue a healthy sex life for you and your partner.