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Amongst the wonderful green welsh hills and dales, Ask Granny caught a bit of hay fever at the glorious Hay Festival at Hay-on-Wye in Wales.  It was a unique opportunity learn about the latest books, meet the authors and join many interesting talks on a number of topics by world class interlocutors.

For my part, I was there to talk to Sophie Lording, the director of children’s books and events at this festival.  I asked Sophie which books she suggests parents  and grandparents should buy for their children and grandchildren ages 1-12 years.

Sophie chose 2 books with illustrations for tiny tots:

1) ‘Penguin’ by author-illustrator Polly Dunbar, an easy read with its short narrative and simple illustrations ideal for tiny tots.

2) ‘Dog Loves Books’ by Louise Yates, an inspiring story with delightfully funny illustrations of dogs, sure to make little ones laugh.

Two books for boys ages 6 years and upwards:

1) ‘Mega Mash-up’ by author Tim Wesson, a story about ancient Egyptians v pirates. These amusing, slightly crazy books are great for boys. There is space on each page where children can add their own drawings.

2) All the ‘Horrible Histories’ books by Terry Deary and Martin Brown are still hot favourites.

Two books for girls ages 6 years and upwards:

1) ‘One Dollar Horse’ by Lauren St John is a moving classic story about a horse, a favourite read for girls.

2) ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Out of the Woods,  2 books by Lyn Gardner.  A sort of fairy tale about three courageous sisters who are forced to flee into the woods and encounter all sorts of  strange people and have dramatic adventures with kidnappers and hungry wolves!

See you all next year at the Hay Festival.