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Changing weather is gently creeping into being. And whether you had a kitchen garden, you’re a frequenter of farmer’s markets or you buy your produce in the grocery store aisles, you’ll notice a wealth of  selections: squash in all shapes and sizes, Brussel sprouts, pumpkin, parsnips, and turnips. And don’t forget fall apples, pears and nuts.

And what better way to use these beauties than to pull out the crock pot and let something delicious cook all day long? Here are some wonderfully healthy recipes for fall produce, made in the crock pot for a delicious meal with a minimum of fuss.

Eight Healthy Recipes

Try one of these great recipes to spice up your evening meal. How about a high protein quinoa, chicken and kale soup, pork chops smothered with apples and pumpkin or a Jamaican pumpkin soup? And if you enjoy a warm, yummy breakfast, set the crock pot the night before to enjoy autumn harvest slow cooker oatmeal with pears and cranberries.

Slow and Simple

Try this hearty fall bounty soup that features sweet potato or yam, cauliflower, potato, carrot and onion. It’s seasoned with fresh thyme and topped with grated gouda cheese.

Bountiful Harvest Stew

This delicious stew is made with chicken breasts, butternut squash, leeks, celery, parsnips, potatoes and carrots and an apple. It’s seasoned with garlic and herbes de provence.

Fall Slow Cooker Recipes

You’ll find a treasure trove of all slow cooker recipes here. Choose from apple buttered sweet potatoes, pumpkin/kale calico bean stew, orange sage sweet potatoes with bacon, or Phillipine chicken adobo with smashed sweet potato.

Blessed Beyond a Doubt

How about some fall crock pot side dishes to perk up your main dish? Try the cinnamon apples, pumpkin puree, the honey glazed carrots or the carrot pudding. And if you’re looking for a fall dessert you’ll find apple dumplings, carrot cake and pumpkin pudding as well.

Over the Big Moon

Try some delicious pumpkin soup in a crock pot, butternut squash red lentil and coconut soup, curried butternut squash soup or chicken and sweet potato stew.

23 Sweet and Savory Crock Pot Recipes

For your fall breakfasts try breakfast potatoes, sweet monkey bread, spiced apples or a breakfast French toast with pecans. For dessert you’ll enjoy apple butterscotch crisp or traditional baked apples.

The beauty of cooking with the crock pot is you spend a few minutes assembling and preparing ingredients and go on about your day. When you are ready to eat, the meal is too. Minimal fuss and maximum taste.