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Ask Granny has chosen 5 websites that give useful advice on how to eat healthily when we get older. There are also some easy and appetising recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, easy to cook and easy to eat.

One tip I would suggest is to eat very lightly at dinner time and eat early! ( Not easy for me as I live in Spain and the custom here is to eat at  night at around 10 pm!)

Our digestive system needs more time to digest than when we were young and so eating a couple of hours before bedtime is a good piece of advice. In spring and summer time I try to have a short walk after dinner before settling down to watch TV or go to bed, you may find you sleep much better too.

People ask me for ONE item of food that we should eat once a day or at least several days a week and I always choose an APPLE, raw or cooked! What would you choose?