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If you’re fortunate enough to have your grandchildren stay with you on a regular basis, you’ll want to explore ways to make their sleeping space special. Depending on the ages and genders of your grandchildren, you’ll need to do some planning before you decide on basic furniture, storage, and décor.

Another consideration is the alarming rate at which children grow older. You won’t want a toddler design when the grandchild reaches age twelve. So, how to proceed?

As you browse through various designs in magazines and online shopping sites, you’ll see there is a vast array of child-friendly room offerings. And you’ll want to do your research before making major decisions. Your goal is to have a functional sleeping area that doubles as a place to play and “hang out” when the grandkids come to visit. Adding a few personal touches that speak to individual personalities is part of the fun.

Beginning Checklist

Before you make any decisions at all, why not determine the basics?

How many grandchildren?

Do they all visit at the same time?

What are their ages and the age spread from youngest to oldest? Genders?

Any chance there might be additions in the future?

One room or two? One for the boys and one for the girls?

Does your plan involve a remodel or just a facelift?

Will you follow a theme?

Here are some great places to do your guest room research: 

Major Purchases

Once you’ve got your checklist done, you’ll want to begin designing. Here are some of the major and minor purchases you’ll be making:


Some of your options are single beds, bunk beds or bunk beds with a trundle.



Bookshelves or cubby spaces with baskets, trunks, large baskets and a variety of storage systems are available. What will fit in your space?



Do you want a neutral color, pink or blue for boys and girls or something that will support your theme?



Chairs, tables, desks, beanbags, nightstands, the possibilities are endless.


Décor items

When the major items are in place, you’ll want to add some finishing touches in the form of area rugs, photos on the wall, toys or stuffed animals, books, and anything else that speaks to your grandchildren’s personalities.


How will you adjust the décor of the grandchildren’s guestroom as they grow older? A new coat of paint? New bedding? Updated décor? A change-up in the furniture? Planning now for the future may save you both money and time.

Here’s another checklist for supplying welcoming items for that teen grandchild.

Clean linens and towels

A bedside lamp

A luggage rack

Extra blankets

Wifi password


Alarm clock




Mini-toiletry items

Happy guest room designing. Some of the fun comes in seeing all the possibilities and then designing just the perfect space for your grandchildren.

We grandparents are in the memory-making business. The times we spend with grandchildren leave us with memories to treasure. They leave the grandkids with fun experiences and the desire to come back as soon as they can. One day they’ll share stories with their own children of the times they spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.