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Are you looking for a new and different way to celebrate the holidays this year? How about a trip to somewhere new and exotic. How about celebrating a festival that is totally out of your experience? Here are some wonderful festivals in every corner of the world. Take a look and maybe you’ll find one just right for you.


Bangalore Habba, Bangalore, India

The Bangalore Habba is a city-wide celebration of the arts across the city. It takes place in multiple venues in the months of December and January. It features classical and popular music, the traditional music and performing arts of the country and visual arts and crafts. This year is the ninth edition of this fabulous event. And what’s more the entire program is free to the public.


Fiesta Grande, Andacollo, Chile

In the small town of Andacollo there is a celebration held each year in honor of the patron saint of mining. She is known as The Dark Lady, la virgin morena, and is believed to have done many miracles in the area. The biggest miracle was putting a stop to a smallpox epidemic in that area in 1871. Thousands of pilgrims go to the town and camp out each December. They enjoy dancing, cockfighting, horse races, food and drink.


Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand

This monthly celebration in Koh Phangan is the ultimate beach party. Geared to a young crowd, the music is loud, and there are plenty of libations available. The city is known to have as many as 30,000 extra guests in the peak season of the celebration.


Woodford Folk Festival, Queensland, Australia

This year the 27th festival will take place from December 27th to January 1st. It is held on a 500 acre plot of land originally belonging to the Jinibara people of Australia. During the week of celebration there are cultural dance and singing presentations and a variety of musical groups perform. There are music and dance workshops and arts and crafts of all kinds as well.


Hogmanay New Year’s Eve, Edinburgh

Hogmanay is a huge New Year’s celebration held in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. The New Year is rung in with fireworks, torchlight parades, and the welcoming of guests with warm hospitality. Tradition is that the first person to set foot in your home on New Year’s day should be a male with dark skin. This seems to come from the days when a light-skinned visitor might be an invader from the north. These days there are also street parties and concerts.


Fete de la Dinde, France

This is a lovely little celebration of the turkey. It has been held annually since the 1920’s in the town of Licques near Calais. The town welcomes guests to their food fair where people stock up on goodies for their upcoming Christmas celebrations. The prize turkey is judged and ample food and drink is enjoyed. In the evening there is a dinner/dance.


Samurai Festival in Tokyo

The Samurai Festival is held each year in Tokyo in honor of forty-seven Samurai warriors who avenged their master’s death in the year 1703. There is a large parade in their honor with mock warriors, folk dancers and music. This is a popular celebration and story in Japan.


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