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Are you searching for wholesale toys, party bags, party supplies and novelty games for party planning?

Everyone who works with children has seen those catalogs brimming full with small toys and novelties sold by the dozens. There is a dizzying array of such items and they come in handy whenever you deal with large groups. They can even grace the tables and provide small gifts for groups of adults, depending on your theme.

Perhaps you have a birthday party coming up and want to do a pool party. You’ll find inflatables, sunglasses, beach toys and appropriate jewelry at amazingly small prices.

You may have a graduation party coming up and want to place cap and gown favors by each place setting at your table.

You may plan on teaching a group of children from your church or local boys or girls club and want small gifts on hand for prizes.

Maybe you’re giving a baby shower and need small party favors and gifts for those who attend. Search the websites for baby-themed goodies.

Or maybe you’re a grandma who wants to have small playthings and treats available when the grandchildren come or to give them at various holidays.

Check out the sites below and you’ll be amazed by the variety of “pocket money toys” at your fingertips. One small caution:  Since these toys are inexpensive, you’ll need to use good judgment about buying them for toddlers or having them in the vicinity of babies. Safety first. Have fun shopping.