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egg hunt

This year Easter comes early—on March 31st. So the entire weekend before, you’ll find Easter egg hunts in your local parks, recreation centers, churches and schools. Hunting for Easter eggs is a highly-prized event for most children. Your grandchildren will have the time of their lives. They love the hunting as much the beautifully colored real eggs or the candy and prizes found inside plastic ones.


Here are some tips for making your Easter egg hunt a fun time. Be sure to arrive at the event early. Once the hunt begins, it usually happens very quickly. You don’t want to show up late and miss the entire event. Most hunts are free, but larger ones may have a small fee and required wristband. Also some events require a parking fee.


Many Easter egg hunts combine with a Bunny Breakfast and all sorts of other fun activities such as a live Easter Bunny to take pictures with, a baby animal petting zoo, face painting, music, and lots more.


Most Easter egg events proceed no matter the weather and many have special prize eggs for just a few special participants to find. They may include monetary prizes or gift certificates, stuffed animal prizes and the like. No matter the rewards, children just love to be part of the hunt. See below for listings of Easter egg hunt events all around the country and be sure to check your local recreation sites for the ones nearest you.

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