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It’s early April and still wet and cool in the windy city. The home-opening game for the Chicago White Sox Baseball team is April 5th, but most people will prefer to be indoors for their entertainment this weekend.

If your grandchildren are aged ten or above, they are probably ready for their first trip to an adult museum. You can plan carefully to guide them through well-selected displays and be sure to do a bit of study ahead of time to make the trip informational.

The current art exhibit by Matisse has been collected by and will be shown at The Art Institute of Chicago. The title of the collection is aptly named Radical Invention: 1913-1917. This is a time period in which Matisse experimented with layered painting and texture through the methods of scraping and indentation.

The Art Institute of Chicago teamed with the Museum of Modern Art in New York to put together this collection of 120 paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints by Matisse in this little-studied time period. Matisse, himself, noted that two paintings from this era, Bathers by a River and The Moroccans, were his most pivotal works. He noted, “the act of creation itself was the main focus.” The works of this era moved from his usual use of brilliant color and were more abstracted, reworked and dominated by black and gray tones than earlier works.

The collection is on display through June 20th.

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