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                        cruise-travel-tips-3Most senior citizens who enjoy going on cruises have done so before. They have gone through the cruises with children, teens, and maybe even as couples enjoying anniversaries. Now they are looking for different amenities when they book a cruise. Cruises for seniors should address some of the felt needs seniors have when embarking on cruises these days.


Lots of options in types of Cabins and more

Seniors may be cruising with a partner, with an extended family or solo. In any  case, they desire a room that doesn’t cost extra. Many cruise lines now offer solo rooms at no extra cost or they find same sex roommates for you. There are also cruise ships with blocks of family staterooms. Many of these have several bedrooms and two baths to accommodate a multi-generational family cruise. If you’re cruising alone, some ships offer activities just for you. They will find partners for you to dine with, take classes with and even find gentlemen dance hosts for single ladies. Sound intriguing?


Easy Accessibility, Health and Mobility Issues

It’s never easy to travel with a disability. But seniors may need some special treatment even if there is no disability—just the average aches and pains and fatigue that some of us live with each day. Look for cruise lines and ships that can accommodate wheelchairs easily. Many have medical equipment available to the traveler, such as wheelchairs, oxygen and more. There are even cruise lines that set up special online consultation with a reputable hospital or clinic so that they have direct communication in a hurry in a medical emergency.

Some ships are able to use hydraulic lifts to help people into pools or into the  tenders, making it possible for those in wheelchairs to take part in off-ship excursions. Find ships with helipads for easy evacuation.


Itinerary Choices

If you’ve traveled quite a bit in your younger days, you want something different now. You may enjoy scenic cruises where the visuals are the main events of the cruise. Or you may still want to embark on an expedition which requires a fair degree of strength and stamina. You may want to take a river cruise or an exotic cruise where you’ll see flora and fauna galore. Or perhaps a nostalgia cruise is more to your liking. All of these are available for seniors, just do a little research and especially read the reviews of other seniors who have enjoyed the trip.


Enrichment Programs

Gone are the days of cheap magic acts and hairy chest nights. Cruises now offer seniors a whole gamut of educational choices on their cruises. You may take  classes in photography, computer, dancing or writing, cooking, ceramics and virtually any other skill you take a fancy to. Want to learn a new language? Do you wish you knew how to start a blog? Do you have a hankering to act? Get online and search out the senior Cruises offering just about any class you can think up.

When looking for the perfect senior cruise for you, it’s fine to look at travel agencies and online travel sites. But be sure to take advantage of testimonies and reviews to get real life information. Blogsites on cruising are a great resource for information that is free of advertising hype. So plan the cruise of your dreams and don’t be satisfied with less than the tailor-made cruise you desire.

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