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asian giftsThe holidays will soon be upon us and you’ll be looking for unique gifts for birthdays.

Don’t settle for the same old things—instead look through these Asian Online markets for a huge variety of gifts from clothing to electronics to…well, take a look.

Yes Asia  You’ll find everything in Asian entertainment products here. Music, movies, games and more. Check out Japanese video games, Korean collectibles or Cantonese music DVD’s.

KK Discount: This site has hundreds of Asian items. You’ll find home furnishings, kitchen items such as tea cups, chopsticks and bamboo steamers and decorations such as paper lanterns.

Asian Art: This site offers a unique selection of fine art products. You’ll find shell jewelry from Thailand, Tagma carvings, Tetsubin Tea Sets and Japanese puzzle boxes.

My Asia Mall: Here you’ll find beautiful Indonesian batik items, pewter gifts from Malaysia, electronics of all kinds and home health and beauty products.

Kooding: Shop here for the most beautiful Korean clothing and accessories. Find brands such as SugarFun, Cherry KOKO and LIPHOP. Very special.