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Are you taking your doggie or pet with you on vacation? If so, here are some useful doggie-travel tips from Ask Granny.

Your dog is part of the family and you want to take him along with you on vacation. No problem. No problem, that is, if you do your homework before setting off on your next road trip or air journey.


Begin by teaching your dog to enjoy time in his crate. Practice getting used to the crate by exercising, then checking for any safety problems such as loose leashes or collars which may pose a choking hazard. Be positive and encouraging until Bowser enters the crate willingly if possible. Once crated, leave for ten to fifteen minutes, return and allow him to exit the crate on his own. Just open the door and return to your business. He can exit when he wants. Soon he’ll enjoy time in his crate.


If going on vacation by car, you’ll want your crate along. It’s also a good idea to either crate or harness Bowser during travel to lessen distractions to the driver. Be sure to stop for potty/play/snack and water breaks often. Never leave Bowser in the car alone.


When traveling by air, be sure to research the rules and regulations before your trip. Some airlines require health certificates and other paperwork. Crate the animal before entering the airport terminal. Decide if you want to medicate for calmness or not. Airline workers are familiar with the routines when handling pets, be sure you know the rules.


In hotels, once again, check ahead of the trip to be sure your pet is welcome and well cared for. Find out from the staff about local places for exercise. Leave Bowser at the door while you explore the room so he knows it’s your place and will remain calm. Check for anything that might pose a danger to Bowser before allowing him to explore.


Travel with your pet is enjoyable both for him and for the family when it’s done right.

Do you have any interesting and/or amusing doggie-travel-stories to share with us?

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