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It’s the heart of wintertime and you may find yourself traveling for business or pleasure to cold climates. Be sure you’re adequately prepared for life in a colder environment than you’re accustomed to. You’ll want to research your destination for current weather temperatures and wind chill factors as the wind chill factor places greater stress on our bodies.


Be sure you’re prepared with appropriate winter clothing: wool socks, boots, thermal underwear, hats, gloves and warm jackets. You’ll want to include down items or synthetics developed especially for cold such as Thinsulate garments. Dress in layers for regulation of body temperature and for the flexibility to change the number of items worn.


Remember to avoid overexertion in cold weather as it increases the workload on your heart. And if you’re traveling by car, be sure to include a winter safety kit filled with water, food, first aid supplies, flashlight, etc.

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