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imagesWinter or summer, some of the greatest pleasures of visiting a new part of the world are captured by the photos we take along the way. Long after the vacation is completed, the pictures we’ve taken remind us of our adventures and refresh our memories of a different culture or environment. We relive the people, the entertainment, the meals, the leisure hours spent in a place faraway.


If you love photography or even if you’d like to get better at taking photos, consider a travel photography vacation. It will help to do a little homework before booking your trip. Check into more than the weather and landscape. Learn a bit about the people groups living in the area. Study the cultures; be mindful of rituals or performances you might encounter at your destination. Know the traditions of the group and, be sure to make yourself aware of the manners expected by guests. In some cultures one needs permission before taking photographs of the people.


Once your destination is decided, it’s time to select your mode of travel and pack your bags. You can find lots of tips for taking excellent photos at the sites below. You’ll want to be familiar with the capabilities of your particular camera equipment and be ready to use appropriate lenses for distance shots. Many photography websites offer contests or challenges for the amateur photographer, making your photography vacation even more fun. Some amateurs become proficient enough to market their travel photos. Find out more at:

Photography Travel Tours

National Geographic

Lonely Planet