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You’re probably planning your next vacation even as you read this. If so, here are some common sense safety tips to ensure your travel time is full of fun and free of headaches. Check the Center for Disease Control website to learn about any health risks in your travel area. Talk with your doctor about any health concerns and precautions you need  to consider. Go through your health insurance policies to be clear on steps to take should you become ill while traveling. Consider purchasing travel insurance. Begin an exercise program if you’re not doing so regularly. Walk and  practice balance exercises to be ready for an increased level of activity. Make a list of items to take along: prescriptions, sun-block, insect repellent, medical information, proper shoes, etc. While on the road be sure to take proper medical precautions such as eating and drinking only in safe conditions, staying hydrated, and getting enough rest. Your much-anticipated vacation will provide memories for years to come if you’re well-prepared and stay at your optimal health while traveling.

Check out the travel safety site below for more information:

CDC Safe Travel