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Nothing ruins a vacation faster than losing important documents or having your pocket picked. If you’re travel savvy, you’ll know that you need to think ahead about where to keep your passport, travelers checks, cash and other valuables. Here are three well-designed pouches/organizers to help you travel with confidence and with no nasty surprises.

Tumi T-Tech Waist Stash Pouch

This handsome stash pouch can be worn around the waist or folded and used as a wallet. Its sturdy polyester fabric comes in charcoal with a slim black belt that fits waists up to 50”. Zippered pockets protect from theft. Room for all your travel documents and cash.


LL Bean Traveler Passport Organizer

Designed as a tri-fold neck wallet, this organizer will hold all essential travel documents. It has a handy boarding pass sleeve and an exterior mesh pocket for your cell phone. It has inside slots for credit cards and cash and comes in blue, green, grey or burgundy.


Royce Leather Deluxe Passport Case with removable Neck/Shoulder Strap

This tri-fold case can be either worn or kept in an interior pocket for safekeeping. It comes in black, red or tan leather. Reviewers rate it as extremely functional and durable.