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wheelchair-motorized-picsIf your loved one has difficulty with the challenges of travel these days, here are some sources for helpful travel products. You’ll find items such as travel pouches with cooling capability for diabetics needing to keep their insulin cooled. You’ll find all sizes and shapes of travel cushions, even those designed for specific surgeries. You’ll find gadgets such as the handy suction assist handle which attaches to bathroom walls or showers while in hotel or guest rooms. Such products decrease the possibility of falls and injuries while away from home. These and hundreds of other products are designed to ease the pain and inconvenience of travel for those disabled in some way or just feeling their age as they endeavor to travel.


Travelers might also benefit from a variety of scooters in which to get around or specially designed folding travel bags to make shopping or short excursions easier to manage. There are also a number of products designed to help with getting in and out of vehicles such as swiveling seats, transfer boards, car caddie straps for sitting down and rising. A nice selection of canes, walkers and other walking aids are readily available at the following sites.

Med Supply World

Better Life Healthcare

Complete Care Shop