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  • Ask Granny’s  selection of what to buy and what to take for children when traveling by road.   A studied choice of fun for the car journey. Help the parents on their way!

    A few tips before you set off for that journey through Europe by road:

    Make sure you have:

    1) A spare set of keys,

    2) A GB sticker or EU number plates

    3) TWO reflective jackets for Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and  other countries.

    4) Your up to date motor insurance,

    5) A warning triangle, (two when in Spain),

    6) The original vehicle registration document and above all:

    7) A valid  full driving licence with the paper counterpart if you have a photocard.

    ( A photocopy is not accepted everywhere)

    • The Latest Information on Child Car Seat Safety
    • The ever-changing laws concerning the requirements for child car seat safety are a challenge for grandparents. Most of us do not transport our grandchildren all of the time, but only occasionally when they visit or when we take vacations with them. That means a transfer of car seats to our vehicles and back again. There are stringent laws concerning the ages and weights of children and the kind of car seats they must use and so we must inform ourselves in order to be law-abiding and to keep our grandchildren safe. You may choose to buy car seats for your own vehicles to have on hand when the grandchildren come calling.There are three major types of car seats. The first one is purchased for the new infant. It seats the baby facing back in the car. Then comes the convertible car seat which is for toddlers up to 35 pounds. It also can be rear-facing. Generally we change from rear-facing to forward facing seats at twelve months or twenty pounds. It is considered safer to keep the child facing back as long as possible. Thirdly comes the booster seat in which the older child uses the car’s shoulder strap and head supports. Each state in the U.S. and area in the UK has its own requirements for ages and weights. None of these car seats are cheap, but quality is of the essence. If you should choose to purchase used car seats you will need to carefully screen for damage and/or any recalls of that model. For that information and much more on ages, weights and car seat safety information by area check out the following websites:
    • Once you have the car seats you need to ensure the safety of your grandchildren, you need to be sure that each time you install them you do so correctly. Common errors of installation concern threading the straps through the wrong slots in the seat, not locking the clips, failure to buckle properly and installing the entire unit too loosely. It is worthwhile to visit a local police station or other check site to have the car seats inspected for safety and for installation demonstrations. These inspections are free.The safety of our grandchildren is always of utmost importance. The cost of the required seats is one of the major expenses for young families today and may be something grandparents choose to provide. Since laws and models of car seats keep being upgraded, you may want to bookmark or print out the above sites for future reference. Your children will also help you keep up to date with the current requirements. Yes, there is always something new to learn, but remember, we are carrying precious cargo!
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    • Make your car journeys more exciting and interesting… with descriptive sat-navs. There is even a new one for children called Totnav
    • We offer a wonderful collection of costumes for your kids this Halloween. These halloween costumes are sure to delight or scare. Make this halloween memorable with just the righ costume for your child.
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    • Tips for tots … when traveling with them!
    • This page includes forums, tips and more information to make any road trip as successful as possible! If you want to drive your grandchildren anywhere just make sure you look these people first!
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    • Keep the children happy in the back of the car, with High road!
    • The simplest way to fix your backseat clutter. Tips and products for keeping your children happy on the road are on this website.
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    • Klutz – Kids Travel
    • A full-color book of car-appropriate activities, plus a 100-page game pad and a pouch full of everything you need to do everything described. The only backseat survival kit endorsed by Save the Parents’ Sanity Foundation. Written by the editors of Klutz. For ages 6 and up.
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    • Travel Games And Toys For Kids
    • An article on simple and effective travel toys and travel games ideas. Travel plans usually involve long journeys, it is important to keep the children happy and occupied and in order to do this, parents or grandparents need to be fully armed and ready for any kind of situation.
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    • Kids Travel Tote – Back Pack for children – My Precious Kid
    • A great backpack to give your grandkids something to hold your stuff in and transport things in wherever and whenever they get on the road! start any trip in the right way with this durable and ergonomically designed bag created with children in mind!
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    • Travel Games For The Entire Family Including Car Travel Games
    • Get to your destination in a relaxed and happy frame of mind. The key to successful trips especially with children is to keep everyone entertained throughout the journey. Here are some great travel games which will help you pass the time whether you are travelling by road, air or sea. These travel games are also good for camping trips and picnics. So go ahead and check out these awesome travel game ideas for the entire family!
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