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No matter how often you travel with the grandchildren, there are always a few surprises along the way. There can be airline delays, long lines, lost luggage and a whole host of other eventualities that can take the fun out of your vacation.

Taking the time to study and scan through appropriate travel tips can save you some time, some money and a whole lot of inconvenience. You’ll learn how to pack and what to pack for your particular vacation and destination. You’ll pick up some good ideas for minimizing health problems as you travel.

You may get some ideas for traveling with your pets or travel with children. You’ll pick up travel etiquette such as tipping and learning a few phrases in the native language. You can find the latest travel alerts which can let you know of any dangers in political situations or health concerns.

You’ll learn how to prevent problems with paperwork such as copies of your passport and visas, medical records, travel insurance forms and the like. Where are the hidden expenses in your hotel stay and your transportation costs? What are the best practices for getting quickly into the new time zone with a minimal loss of sleep?

You’ll find all this and more info for you and your grandchildren at the following travel tip sites.

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