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 lake-minnewanka-boat-tours4-300x300When it comes to adventurous destinations, the cruise is king. It can be an ideal combination of life on the open waves and romantic or simply exotic destinations: and there’s a cruise type for every older man, too.

Not all cruises automatically go to hot locations. Pick up the Hurtigruten in Norway, for example, to experience everything this hidden gem has to offer. From the extraordinary mountain regions and vales of the South, to the Arctic grandeur of the North, Norway contains a world of environment in a country so sparsely populated it can sometimes feel like you’re the only people there. The Hurtigruten line, which has been running coastal Norwegian cruises for 120 years, combines regional knowledge with environmental awareness to bring the passenger everything from his own personal Frozen Planet experience to a week’s exploration of the summer fjords. Go during the warm season for surprisingly t-shirt friendly temperatures and lush vegetation.

Traditionally, of course, the cruise aims for the tropics. On-board swimming pools and infinity decks (basically a lowered swimming area that lets you paddle around in the vastness of the ocean without becoming “man overboard”!) are only the start. Popular destinations for Caribbean cruises include Nassau, Antigua, Barbados and Grand Cayman – and many tropical cruises take in a selection of port destinations to give you a full flavour of the island area you’ve chosen. Shore excursions are booked prior to embarkation – that is, you’ll be offered a list of potential destinations, activities and excursion types, from which you can build your cruise experience. Have a look at this link to see a typical Antigua cruise experience.

Not every cruise is on the ocean. In the States, where some of the world’s longest (and most heavily populated, making them ideal for excursions and stop-offs) rivers are located, adventurous cruise-goers can follow in the footsteps of the pioneers. A Missouri River cruise follows the footsteps of the legendary Lewis and Clark expedition; while a trip down the Columbia River cruise follows the state line between Oregon and Washington – deep in the heart of what used to be Indian Country.  Popular stop-off points include wilderness areas and State Parks, as well as major cities: allowing the cruise goer to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Talking of cities: a cruise ship can be a different way of travelling to one of the most famous and popular city destinations in the world, recreating the experience of well-heeled travellers from the 1920s and 1930s. A cruise to New York typically lasts for a month (that’s there and back), with plenty of shore excursions thrown in at the midway point to give a real taste of the Big Apple. Ideal for senior men with time to burn, a cruise to New York is a great way to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary: or just to recapture that good old spirit of adventure…