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If you’ve been married for more than a year or two, you may need some ideas for making your wedding anniversary something special. While flowers and a lovely dinner on the town will never be passé, there are other ways to make the day extra-special. Here are some tips for making the next anniversary one to remember.


You can still go out to dinner, but once you’re home again, why not watch your wedding video. You’ll be surprised at how much everyone has changed and you may have forgotten some of the sweetest or funniest moments. If you don’t have a wedding video, try going through the wedding pictures. Let the kids get in on the action and be prepared for some laughs.


Breakfast in bed is always a treat. Try it on your anniversary, but use one of these fantastic breakfast recipes fit for a king of queen. You won’t want to do the soggy cereal bowl that my children used to bring us on our anniversary mornings. Don’t forget to add some special touches with ribbon, flowers or lace. A pretty new tray is another way to make the breakfast in bed experience special.


Go for an evening on the town. But plan ahead and get tickets to something special, perhaps the opening of an art gallery, a musical performance, or a special showing of a movie. You can go upscale and see the opera or ballet or you can go down-home and find a rustic bar with musical entertainment, darts or other fun activities. Whatever you find to do, make it something out of the ordinary.


Fulfill a lifelong dream. What have you always wanted to do? Or better yet, what has your spouse always wanted to do? Does he want to ride a Harley or does she want to take a hot air balloon ride? Or maybe you’ve both ogled that special sports car. This is the day to rent one and drive it to a cozy winery for brunch or to the beach for a seafood dinner. Is there a lodge or a quaint town you’ve always wanted to visit? Clear a few days on your calendar and fulfill that lifelong dream.


Think back to the days before you were married. What were the simple things you enjoyed back then? Did you take moonlit strolls on the beach, or did you find a secluded outdoor setting and talk for hours? Did you read books and share your ideas? Revisit some of those simple, but rewarding quiet times you shared back then.


Challenge yourself to write a poem, a letter or if you aren’t able to find the words yourself, seek out the perfect book of love poems as your gift this year. Trust me, if you write the words from your heart, they won’t need to be Keats or Shelley to win his or her heart.


Make something with your own hands. Fashion a ceramic piece, paint a picture, take a unique photo or create something out of wood. Your beloved will know you’ve invested time in making a gift that is uniquely theirs. Both the time spent and the thought and love shown will be treasured forever.


Renew your vows. You may want to choose one of the milestone anniversaries for this one. Either return to your original wedding site, or find a new one, but make the occasion a heartfelt and meaningful one. You took a leap of faith when you said those vows the first time, now you’ll be saying them again with a whole lot of living already done. They will mean even more this time.


Expensive vacations are fine if you can afford them. But select one or two of the above ideas and show your mate that you’re willing to spend time and effort to make your anniversary an unforgettable event. Look below to find lists of traditional anniversary gifts and remembrances.