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Grandparents and other family members can make super-inexpensive craft projects to give as presents. Here’s the dilemma. Most of us are short on cash for birthday and Christmas gifts, so we think about doing crafts to give as gifts. The problem is that the supplies for crafts often cost more than buying a gift. Here are interesting and fun ideas, paper crafts, craft sewing projects, art crafts,  that also happen to be inexpensive––the best of both worlds! For really green gifts, why not recycle old jeans. You’ll find fourteen ideas for their use. At you’ll find thirty-two ideas for jewelry including stunning dyed wooden bead necklaces. If you’d like to give a family picture as a gift, try this distressed frame to set it off perfectly. Flavored vinegars and oils make a beautiful and useful kitchen gift and finally try safety pin jewelry or a lovely crocheted hemp necklace from