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 Ask Granny notices that on every train journey and every airplane journey she takes… everyone is finding Sudoku  fun and the best way to pass the time.   The number game known as Sudoku has become a common pastime for young and old alike. Su, meaning number and doku meaning a single space are Japanese words, but the game was not originally Japanese. The intriguing math cubes actually originated in Europe when a Swiss mathematician, Leonhard Euler, developed the concept of a grid with a certain number used only one time within. Then in the 1970’s the game became popular in America when the Dell publishing house began to publish books containing Sudoku puzzles along with crosswords. In the mid 1980’s Sudoku became highly popular in Japan. The 9 x 9 grid is the most common design in Sudoku, but everything up to 25 x 25 exists. As with crosswords, doing Sudoku puzzles keeps the brain active and sharp. Puzzles are specifically recommended to keep dementia at bay.


Find all the Sudoku fun you can handle at the following sites where you can print off grids of increasing difficulty. has a great Sudoku – game – idea on her home page, play for FREE! Have fun!

Sudoku Collection

Sudoku for Kids