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ATHENNA kalender

Don’t you envy those homemakers who whip up a holiday display with just a flick of the wrist? Well, guess what? You can do that too.

Some of the most stunning holiday decorations are either whimsical and cost nearly nothing, or merely require a bit of your time.

Take a look at these five websites  Ask Granny has chosen, specialising in simple holiday decorating ideas. Most of them don’t cost much and they’ll make your home feel festive and full of holiday joy, just in time for Christmas!

Real Simple: Use saved holiday wrap, cards and winter objects to spruce up your home.

Inexpensive Christmas Decorations: Old magazines, pinecones, ribbon and tree decorations are some of the objects used in these simple crafts.

Do It Yourself: Fresh greens, cranberries, raffia and old garlands are re-created into fabulous wreaths and centerpieces.

Fifty Ideas: Here you’ll find elegant ideas for wall hangings, door décor, centerpieces and more.

Midwest Living: Grace your home with the beauty of fresh produce, greens, candy canes and candles. Just beautiful.