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The end of summer is here but there’s no need to mourn the end of beautiful garden blooms. Here are some classic examples of autumn garden shows and festivals in many parts of the world. In Suffolk, you’ll enjoy the Suffolk Autumn Garden Show on September 2nd-4th. It’s held at Trinity Park in Ipswich. You may also enjoy the Rare Plant Fair in Llanover. In Cambridge you’ll enjoy the September 17th and 18th Food, Garden and Produce Festival. In New Zealand where it is spring rather than fall, go to the Botanical Garden Events in Wellington. In British Columbia, Canada, there are several events at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens including a Chrysanthemum Fest on September 10th and 11th. In the US you might enjoy a visit to the historical town of Charlottesville, Virginia at Monticello, the heritage home of Thomas Jefferson. On September 16th and 17th they will host a Heritage Harvest Festival. If none of these festivals are near you, hop online and search for fall garden festivals in your area.