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9e0af40aaa7442a7f63c5408e3434968836b1e7aIn the olden days when we wanted to take a vacation we visited the travel agent’s office. We picked up brochures and we read travel books. No more. Now we can hop on great travel websites and get all the information we need. The entire world is at our fingertips. Even so, it pays to know the best websites for travel information. Especially in the early stages of our planning when we’re deciding where to go.


Fodor’s Online

Fodor’s still prints excellent travel guides to take along on your dream vacations. But for the initial planning of a trip, this site has it all. You’ll find weekend getaways from major cities, Popular destinations, Winter picks, the Top 25 places to go in 2013, and on and on. You can also sign up for a free online newsletter to keep you abreast of all specials.


Rick Steves’ Europe

Everyone has enjoyed watching Rick Steves trek around Europe. He has a knack for finding interesting and out of the way places to meet the locals, eat the local food and generally travel without being too touristy. His site is chock full of great articles, helpful tips and destinations you’ll love.


Independent Traveler

This is another comprehensive website for the world traveler. It has sections on travel deals, tips of all kinds, destinations on every continent and lots of travel articles. It also boasts a trip review of the week and a poll in which travel questions are asked. This is a helpful, interactive site.