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You’re over fifty and you long to travel and see the world. But, you’re a bit hesitant to board those senior cruises meant only as dating venues. Here are several travel organizations to get you to exciting places and with all the worry taken out of the equation. And, if you should meet a special someone along the way—that’s an added bonus.

Eldertrek is an over-fifty travel organization first begun in 1987. They travel to over one hundred countries and specialize in going to off-the-beaten-path locations. They offer exciting adventures with choices of activity level in a given region. They have well- planned excursions in Africa, Asia and South America as well as European locations. You’ll find the added bonus of cultural study and breathtaking beauty in each and every location. Grandparents wishing to take their over-18 grandchildren along will be happy to know that is approved. Have you always wanted to see the Arctic or Antarctic? Hiked in the Andes? See the Taj Mahal? This is the travel site for you.

Walking the World is another organization offering the opportunity to see beautiful parts of the world on foot. Guided tours will take active seniors to over thirty destinations worldwide. Also in business since 1987 Walking the World is known for digging into the culture of the local people, enjoying their cuisine and fabulous accommodations. The founder, Ward Luthi, is dedicated to giving you a quality travel experience while benefitting the local economy. 2013 walking trips include destinations such as Ireland, Spain, Madagascar, Togo, Costa Rica and Bhutan.