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images-1 It is a common myth that once you retire, your life of excitement and adventure are over. Some people think that all you will be doing is spending your time gardening or taking up a quiet hobby. However, that is not necessarily true.


LinkedAge is a social network designed for senior citizens and allows older people who live in retirement accommodation to travel and spend time in homes in other countries.

The social media network, created by Slovenian technology firm, Socinet, allows senior citizens to rent empty rooms or swap rooms with other users, giving them a chance to travel and visit other countries. Users are able to move into similar facilities and receive the same care, while getting a taste for other cultures. Once the destination is chosen, local staff then finalises and organise the trip.

82 year old Spaniard, Miquel Ribasn has taken advantage of this new opportunity and has moved into a retirement home for a week in the Slovenian city of Topolsic. “I’d go on a similar adventure again, “he said, learning four Slovenian words on his adventure, “I was told to take up to a 100 [pictures] if I can and we’ll do a presentation when I get back!”

Socinet has said it is the first international exchange for seniors in multi-residence housing or nursing homes. The platform has been backed by Europes largest retirement home services association, E.D.E.

The founder of Socinet, Tomaz Lorenzetti has said that he wondered why an active person would stay in a retirement home when they can travel to other countries for a short period and receive the same care. Once members pay a membership fee of 60 Euros, the accommodation, meals and activities are free. All the user has to pay for is the air travel fare.

Project leader, Diana Galijasevic hopes that the platform can encompass countries outside of Europe such as Mexico and Indonesia. The social media network is fast becoming a popular platform, allowing senior citizens the chance to visit places they never had the chance to. Who said retiring had to be boring?

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