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packing-tips-to-avoid--baggage-fees-115QS1N-x-largeSeasoned travelers know all the ins and outs of packing for vacations. But if you haven’t traveled in a while, things have changed. There are many opportunities for things to go wrong if you don’t plan ahead and think about safety. In the articles listed below you’ll find up to date tips and ideas for hassle-free packing and traveling. You’ll learn what you need in the way of emergency information and where to store it, how to ensure your baggage is returned in the event of loss, how to split up your valuables so you won’t lose everything even in the unhappy event of a robbery.

You’ll also find practical advice on how to pack your luggage, where to place each item and what to include to keep your bags in good order. You’ll find helpful lists of items to include based on your destination and how to be ready for excursions in record time. You’ll find lists to help you shop for your travel clothing and you’ll find lists for babies, toddlers, older children and teens. If you’re getting ready for a vacation, take the time to read through these helpful articles and then enjoy a safe, happy and relaxing vacation.

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