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Your children and grandchildren will jump at the chance to plan a once in a lifetime family cruise. Choose the right time—when the grandkids are old enough to enjoy the fun and are free from their school schedules.

Then shop the family cruise scene. You’ll find lots of specials and a wide variety of offerings from short three day excursions to seven, ten or even longer ones. Look for a variety of activities for the children, a dining experience that will satisfy both kids and adults and port experiences that add fun and value to the trip.

Select destinations that suit your family. Do you want beaches and water adventures, hikes and trips to small towns, or outings into large cities on your days off the ship? Are you into physical challenges or leisurely shopping outings? You decide.

Begin with these possibilities and follow the links to find just the right cruise for your family.

Disney Family Cruises

Whether your destination is somewhere in Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii or Mexico, Disney has a fantastic family cruise awaiting your family. You’ll always find all the kid activities you can attend plus live shows, themed restaurants and port adventures tailored to your family’s needs. Disney characters are guaranteed to show up to mix with the guests and make some fantastic family memories.


Spirit Cruises

Spirit Cruises specializes in getaways for the whole gang. They’re ready with activities and fun for all ages. Kids’ programs include the Splash Academy which is water fun for children aged six months through age twelve. It also includes classes in everything from juggling to arts and crafts to sports. You’ll also find activities especially for teens, including soccer, fashion design and theater classes.



This cruise agency will help you find just the right cruise for your family. They’ll save you money while the family enjoys the best deals on kids-only facilities, programs with counselors, planned activities and babysitting options. Cruises are available all year round and some will take the family to a destination resort.


Read this article from about planning the perfect family cruise and especially note the portions related to children’s safety while cruising.