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outdoor activities The snow is thawing, the holidays are here – that means it’s time to get the grandchildren out in the open and burn off some energy before they stuff themselves with Easter eggs. Some activities are dependent on where you live; others you can do anywhere. The trick is to find something that grandparents will enjoy as much as their grandchildren.


A Nature Ramble 

This can be done anywhere, even in the middle of a town. From the back garden to the local park, the world outside is filled with creepy crawlies and the average grandchild just loves to get up close and personal with an ugly bug! Arm yourself with a bug box and a bug identification book, and get out there – you could inspire a lifelong obsession with science and nature, and you’ll both get plenty of fresh air into the bargain.

Be aware that health and safety is an issue whenever you’re exploring the natural environment. There are still roads to cross; and grandchildren excited by the prospect of catching some pond fauna in their bug boxes can be apt to lean a little too close to the water. Exercise vigilance and keep the grandkids within a distance appropriate to their age.


A Day Out on the Bike 

Riding a bike is one of the things grandchildren enjoy the best. If you’re lucky enough to live near some countryside, or even just a big park, you can take advantage of the clearing weather to go for a day out on bikes. Pack a lunch in your rucksack, remember everyone needs proper cycling protective gear, and head out for an exhilarating exploration!

The key to fun days out on the bike with grandchildren is to stay away from all main roads. You can adapt the idea to your own environment if you have a big enough car, or a bike rack: simply pack the gear in or on your vehicle and drive out to somewhere safe to ride.

Plan your route before you set off, and build in an emergency “short route” to get back to the car or the house if grandchildren get tired or bored.


A Treasure Hunt 

A treasure hunt lets you create a great day out for your grandchildren without even having to leave the house. This can be perfect at unsettled times of year, weather wise, when you can’t be sure if you’re going to wake up to the same weather forecast you went to bed with. Plan your treasure hunt so some clues take the grandchildren out into the garden, and some keep them indoors: or you can plan it with two sets of clues, one for a rainy day.


A Day at the Beach 

You don’t have to live too close to the sea to have a day out at the beach. As long as you’re within your grandchildren’s tolerance range for sitting in a car (remember you will be coming back at the end of the day, too, so don’t go so far that the return trip is a nightmare), you can head off to the seaside for a day of building sandcastles, eating fish and chips and paddling.

Be aware that grandchildren should be supervised at all times while in the sea. Unexpected currents can wash them away even in the shallows. You’ll find excellent beach safety information here.