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The Oscar nominees are in and you may enjoy gathering a group of friends to watch the oh so glamorous award program on February 22nd. What can you serve to your guests to make the evening a red carpet affair for them as well?

Here are some of Ask Granny’s  tasty recipe ideas to make the evening memorable.


Look for your Oscar party appetizers here. There are many to choose from including pear, walnut and ricotta crostinis, guacamole deviled eggs and roasted edamame with sea salt and cracked pepper.


Try your hand at some elegant, yet relatively easy entrée recipes here. Serve baked salmon, lemon and prosciutto-stuffed pork loin rolls or North African pan-fried sea bass served with spicy harissa paste and dried rose petals. Very special!


Your extra-glamorous drinks for the evening are found at Try the Malice in Hollywood featuring bourbon and apricot brandy, the Mary Pickford made with rum and pineapple juice plus grenadine and maraschino liqueur or the Vesper, James Bond’s favorite mae with vodka, gin and Lillet Blanc.


Before the big awards are given, you’ll want to serve dessert. How about mini white chocolate tuxedo cheesecakes or best actress and actor cookies and cupcakes?

Time to get your guest list made and begin to prepare for the big night. And may your favorite artists and movies win.