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As a grandparent  Ask Granny has some original new twists on colouring Easter Eggs. Kids love to color Easter eggs. But maybe you, as the parent or grandparent, would have a little more fun with the project if you had some creative new ideas this spring. If so, this is the website for you. You’ll find five new and very creative takes on the old process of decorating eggshells in colorful ways. First you’ll see the new eco-friendly fruit and veggie paints from Meyamo. The gorgeous pastel shades from such food items as raspberries and saffron will capture your imagination. And if you’re really into handcrafts, you may want to go to the trouble of blowing out sturdy goose eggshells and then using a curved needle to cross-stitch designs into the shells. Beautiful. There are several more egg-decorating ideas including tie-dye, papier mache and specially-designed  paper that is used as stickers and Easter grass which is then planted to grow into grass or sprouts. This is a fascinating site:

 Cafe Mum


Here are  more ways to do some surprising things with dying Easter eggs. If you’ve never heard of Mexican cascarones, you’ll want to try these fun eggs that are decorated and then filled with confetti. Or create some interesting black eggs and use special crayons to add colourful dots and lines. Or decoupage your eggs after dying them a beautiful shade. There are also several ways to both decorate the eggs and fill them with either candies or special written messages to surprise and delight egg recipients. Find your favourite new egg-dying method and away you go!