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05_baby_showers_grande When a new little bundle of joy is expected, everyone wants to celebrate. Traditionally it’s the women who gather around the expecting mom and shower her with gifts and food and fun. But there are some new trends afoot. If you’ll be planning a baby shower anytime soon, take a look at some of these trendy new ideas.


Themed Showers

How would you like to journey back a few decades and enjoy a Retro Baby Shower? Go back to the 50’s when everything for baby was either pink or blue, or hit the 60’s and 70’s with greens, oranges and browns. Plan decorations, cake and games around the theme and you might go so far as to ask guests to dress retro. Fun.


You might go with a theme such as Nesting and decorate with a bird and nest theme. Tiny chocolate eggs in a meringue nest would add a nice touch. Or how about a jungle animal theme for a coming baby boy? Monkeys and bananas and jungle vines will add to this wild theme.


Some have chosen to ask for certain types of gifts at their showers. Especially if this is a second or third baby, moms may request a “bring a book” shower, or request lots of disposable diapers. Others have decided to get the guests involved in decorating white onesies so that baby will wear them in style.


Unique Centerpieces

When guests arrive at a shower, they generally see the centerpiece on the table first. It sets the tone for the event and can elicit some oohs and aahs from each arrival.

A centerpiece made of edible fruit is always a hit. The fruit is a refreshing alternative to all the sweets offered at a shower—cake, candies and punch.

A bouquet made of tiny sock roses is a hit. Many variations of a bouquet could include a sports theme with the flowers being small footballs, tiny toys such as hot wheels, princess tiaras, etc.

The diaper cake is still popular. Since many young women are opting for cloth diapers today, the cake is also a practical gift.

A chocolate fountain makes a spectacular centerpiece. Guests dip pieces of fruit or pound cake into the delicious chocolate and everyone is satisfied.


Some Big Changes

Depending on the wishes of the mom to be and/or circumstances of the family expecting, baby showers are not just for the girls anymore. And if an all-female party is planned, the gifts may include nice presents for Mama too. Lotion sets, pretty pj’s, books on parenting and the like are cropping up in shower gifts. But even a bigger change is inviting the men to come too. The shower may look more like a barbecue or pool party and works well when there aren’t a large number of friends nearby or when the expecting Mom and Dad have a close group of friends.

In some cases, families are even including children in the mix. Food, favors, games and decorations morph into a “y’all come” mode.

Even though it seems there are big changes in today’s traditional baby shower, the heart of the event is always to bring a shower of gifts and a bountiful blessing to the mother to be. These events are never to be forgotten and continue to be one of the rites of passage in family life. So make it traditional or make it trendy, and the love and good wishes for Mom and Dad will be treasured for many years to come.


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