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Here are four quick and easy ones

Get the grandkids in the kitchen and have some Halloween fun. These treats are fun to make and even more fun to eat!

Creepy Spiders

Chocolate marshmallow cookies, black licorice whips, jelly beans or other small candies.

These super-simple spiders are a lot of fun. Just place a cookie on a plate, cut licorice whips in half and insert eight legs into the sides of the soft cookie. Add two eyes on top of the cookie. Secure by moistening the candies so they will stick to the chocolate surface. 

Graham Cracker Pumpkin Patch House

cinnamon-sugar graham crackers, green frosting, candy corns, marshmallows, pretzels, candy pumpkins, any other Halloween candies desired.

This is a big project, but will be worth the time and effort. Use a 12” X 18” piece of cardboard covered with foil. Cover the surface of the foil with green frosting. Build the traditional graham cracker house using frosting to secure. Build a “fence” using pretzels and either marshmallows or soft Halloween candies. Decorate the house and then create the pumpkin patch inside your fence using candy pumpkins. Each creation will be unique and the grandkids will love it.

Monster Cookies

Add green food coloring to the cookie dough and bake. When cooled, decorate the cookies using frosting for hair, and small candies for eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Candy corns make great noses and grandkids will love creating a variety of monster faces. Circular candies make great googly eyes.

refrigerator sugar cookie dough, green food coloring, frosting, small candies

Jack-o-Lantern Popcorn Balls

Make traditional rice krispie treats with melted marshmallow, but add a cup of already-made orange jello to the marshmallow before adding the cereal. Form into three inch balls and allow to harden. Use melted chocolate chips in a ziplock bag with the corner snipped off to create a face. Use green gummy worms to create a pumpkin stalk on top.

Kids love Halloween and they’ll love creating these yummy treats with you.