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Summer Camps With Flair.

Did you attend summer camp as a child? If you did, you probably remember moldy tents or cabins with early mornings begun with the trumpet sounds of reveille. And then you got to tear around in the woods all day and go swimming or boating. You played wild games of capture the flag in the evenings and finished the evening with a campfire. Don’t forget the obligatory craft activity where you made something out of popsicle sticks.

Well, that wasn’t so bad; in fact we have great memories of summer camp, but guess what? Kids today have choices and the choices are pretty interesting. How would you like to go to camp and learn to be a clown, or become a pop star? Maybe you’d like to focus on computer skills or foreign languages. Or you might want some special training in drama, playing in a band or various styles of dance. There are lots of performance camps available for kids this summer. Check them out.