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ATHENNA kalender November days are slipping by and it’s time to purchase your Advent calendars so you and your family can count down the days until Christmas. Children especially enjoy having a visual means of marking the days until their favorite holiday arrives.

There are thousands of choices when it comes to calendars, from the very traditional printed squares, to those with windows with lovely pictures inside to extremely creative models with strings of stockings, glittery ornaments hanging from tree branches and wooden puzzle-like selections. You’ll find an excellent array of Advent calendars at these sites:

Christmas Time UK There are some lovely three dimensional calendars at this site.

Vermont Christmas  They specialize in wooden Advent calendars.

Chocolate Advent Calendars  Oh yes, you can count down the days and eat chocolate too.

Chinaberry  Beautiful calendars, some in shapes of Christmas trees and one very special Eric Carle calendar.

Lego  Kids will enjoy this unique Lego Advent calendar which they can build and play with while they count down the days.

Online calendars  Children will enjoy getting online and interacting with this online Advent Calendar. It comes with a bit of history from Project Britain.


For more  Advent calendar ideas click on: