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An anonymous writer once said: “A father is a guy who has snapshots in his wallet where his money used to be.” It’s funny, but true. Dads are the ones who give everything to take good care of their families and on Father’s Day it’s time to give Dad his due. But what can you do that hasn’t been done before? Here’s a hint—don’t buy a tie. Instead read through the following suggestions and see if one or two of them will make Dad’s day a special one for your family.

Play something:

Most dads enjoy some kind of sport. Maybe they golf or bowl or enjoy poker. Or perhaps they love to play video games but never get a turn because the kids always have the remote. Whatever Dad enjoys—do it with him. You might try having a chess or checker tournament with willing family members. Or you can always fall back on another old favorite: board games. Whatever it is get the family in on the fun and let Dad choose his favorite kind of play.

Eat something:

You can’t go wrong here. Dad’s day is a time to forget about calories and fix the things he loves. If you’re gathered at the old homestead, go ahead and have a big barbecue (click grilling ideas) or dinner. If he loves a certain restaurant, go there. Let him order the things he loves and make it a family event. What could be easier or more fun?

Teach something:

We all know that Dads have knowledge they need to pass on to the next generation. How about showing the rest of the family how to tie a fly for fishing or how to pitch the perfect curve ball? Show the boys how to check the oil or change a tire. Let the wife in on the secrets of his favorite barbecue sauce or show someone how to solve a puzzle or math problem. Dads are a wealth of wisdom—go ahead and share.

Remember something:

While we’re praising the many skills and character traits of our dads, let’s ask him to share a memory. He probably has wonderful stories of his younger days and maybe a few stories you’ve never heard before. Let him tell how it was going to school in the “older days” or how he locked his mom in the henhouse when he was ten.
There may be some important memories locked up in his mind that you really should know about—perhaps learning experiences from his education or his career, or maybe stories about his experiences serving his country. Time to share, Dad.

Plant something:

Here’s a great idea. Go shopping at a local nursery and buy a rose bush or a tree or some other living plant and put it in the ground as a family. You might mark it with a date and then have the pleasure of watching it grow and mature just as your family does. Another option would be to donate a plant in the family name in a local park or garden. Let the neighborhood enjoy your gift.

Watch something:

You might enjoy keeping part of Father’s day to just sit back and relax. Watch a movie or favorite sporting event. Cheer for your favorite team while enjoying that barbecue meal. Or gather up the gang and go to the ball game or the race track. Be a spectator and do it with family.

Too often we think of Father’s Day as a time for a card and gift. Then we scratch our heads trying to think of something to please Dad. This year get the family together and plan a fun day and please, let Dad do what he wants. He’ll enjoy doing something special of his choice, especially if he gets to enjoy the time with his family.