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Once again this Halloween it may not be safe to send children out into the community to Trick or Treat. But the grandkids will appreciate having an alternate activity to do and this one will be a winner!

Plan a Family Halloween party and include all who are in your safe bubble. That may be the extended family or even neighbors and friends who have been vaccinated. You’ll know who to include.

Then plan a party. Every great party has some key elements and with some forethought this party can be a memorable one. You’ll need to plan:

A Costume Contest

Children are used to dressing up for Halloween. Since it’s a home party, why not challenge each attendee to create their own costume using only things found in the home? No glitzy dime store costumes allowed. You may suggest a theme such as movie characters, book characters or animals to make it easier for younger family members. You might pair up family members to work together on their costumes, older to younger to make the job easier and more fun. Then choose a judge to give points for creativity, effort, and presentation. 

Kids love to dress up, so make this a real event. You may want to purchase some face paint and gather up supplies such as old clothing, ribbon, yarn, scarves and the like. 

Some Music for both background and a Dance Contest

As guests arrive provide background music according to your theme. Or simply play music that the whole family can enjoy. It might be fun to pair up partners ahead of time and give them a chance to select a song, create a simple dance routine and then be prepared to perform during the party. 

Don’t overthink this one, just let the fun happen naturally. If you want, you can judge this event too and offer a sweet treat as a prize.

Yummy Treats

No party is a success without really good food. If you wish to serve a meal you might match it to your party theme. For example if you chose animals as your theme, you might serve “Barnyard Chili” with Calico Cat Cornbread. Use your imagination to make the meal fun. And since it’s Halloween you’ll need sweet treats. For some delicious Halloween treats see Halloween Treats in a Jiffy.

Games and Prizes

Your family probably has some favorite games you all enjoy when together. For a larger group you may want to try something like Halloween Pictionary or Halloween Charades. Or, divide into smaller groups of four to six to play favorite board games. Plan some prizes for winners and be sure to include participation prizes. Small toys or candies make good prizes.

The whole point of a family party is to have fun. So make your evening family-friendly and include the things you know they’ll enjoy. During this pandemic it’s important to retain normal activities as much as possible and model to our children that it’s always a good time for loving family fun.