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Half the fun of Valentine’s Day is putting the cards together and deciding which one to give to each friend.

The fun is both in the giving and the receiving.

How about making your own cards this year and helping the grandkids to do the same?

If your grandkids love The Little Mermaid, they’ll love putting together these Valentine Fishes inspired by that old Disney movie. Or go a bit whimsical with a Fairy Valentine Tree card.

Kids love plays on words. Try this Owl Be Your Valentine card.

Here Ask Granny’s  fifty ideas for homemade valentines from googly eyed robots to an alligator saying he’d snap at the chance to be your valentine.

Buy a tube of puff paint and some lacy hearts and you’ll be all set for this traditional card.

And finally, some beautiful homemade cards from Activity Village

Let the love begin!