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decorar-mesas-con-floresEvery once in a while, we seniors just need to let our hair down and have some fun. Why not gather friends and neighbours and throw a themed party. Summer is a great time to get together in back gardens and decks, enjoy good food and drink, lively conversations and listen to great music.

Each of the follow themes lend themselves to costumes, particular playlists and even recipes to follow the theme. Here are some choices of themed parties for seniors.


This party is a tribute to the stars. Choose your decade, take on the persona of an actor or actress, find the perfect costume and be prepared to hobnob with the greats. Choose music from great movies and television shows. This might be the perfect time to serve the best canapés and break out the champagne.


Ahoy, maties. You’ll want to find a recipe for grog that’s laced with rum. Hand out pirate hats and eye patches, find some sea shanties for background music, hold a knot-tying contest for all the sailors on deck and have a rip-roaring good time.

Hawaiian Luau

Guests never tire of the Hawaiian theme with its grass skirts and hulas. Find appropriate recipes including lots of pineapple and coconut, serve fruity drinks and be sure to add a hula contest. The music of the islands will be the perfect backdrop to your luau.

Jump, Jive and Swing

Bring back the forties and fifties and swing dancing with this party. Big skirts with petticoats, saddle shoes and the music of the Andrews sisters will add charm. 

For decorations and party favors for your themed parties see: