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Your summer vacation is approaching and you’re getting excited. Time for some fun and relaxation in a new setting. Don’t let achy or sore feet ruin your fun this year. Happy feet require a little bit of thinking ahead. First of all get a good pedicure before you leave. Be sure nails are trimmed and dead skin defoliated. Then follow some simple hygiene and common sense practices each day of your vacation and your feet will stay happy.

Wash feet daily with a mild soap and dry well, especially between toes. Use lotion to keep feet soft. Don’t go barefoot to avoid fungus diseases and wear shoes wide enough to prevent crowding or blisters. Be sure your travel shoes have enough arch support.

Take along bandages, moleskin, a file, clippers and an antibiotic cream in case of cuts or blisters. When flying on airplanes, avoid salt and be sure to wear support stockings to avoid swelling of ankles. Flex your legs and move around the cabin of the plane when possible. Just a few safety measures will make all the difference.

If you take good care of your feet, they’ll take care of you and get you around quite well on your summer vacation. For more information on healthy feet and for some quality travel shoes see the following:


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