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One of the highlights of the Easter season is the egg hunt for the grandchildren. And, with a little bit of thought you can find ways to keep the older kids engaged as well. Here are a few ideas to energize the hunt and some websites with more ideas for that special event.

Use plastic eggs so you have the flexibility of what is inside. Candy is the staple, but there are so many other choices. You can use small toys from party stores, stickers, fake tattoos, small erasers, tiny bottles of nail polish or gift certificates from fast food restaurants. You can put coins or currency inside or even home made gift certificates for staying up past bedtime or a trip to the mall.

If you have grandchildren of various ages, be sure to make the hunt fair for the little ones. One way is to designate the grassy areas for little ones and higher hiding places for the older children. Another option is to color-code the eggs. After the hunt children find out their color and sort the eggs.

You may want to create a special designer egg for each grandchild participating. It may have their name on it and items that are specially chosen for them. Who knows better what each child will enjoy?

If you have to move your egg hunt indoors due to bad weather, you can make the hunt more fun by adding clues to hiding spots. Have several “prize eggs” with  special gifts inside to build the drama.

Here are some further ideas to make the Easter egg hunt the highlight of the day.

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