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                                  We often long for vacations in far-away and exotic places: tiger safaris in India, cruises in the Caribbean, trips down the Nile. But have you considered treating yourself and your family to the high points of your own part of the world? Think of the places you might take guests who visit you from out of the country. Where would you go and what would you show them? What is representative of your home place? Here are some ideas to get you started and then, get out there and enjoy your own neck of the woods!

Local museums:  Do you have natural history or science museums nearby, looking for a museum job??

Are there presentations or classes to take on highlights of your local history? Interested in Art History, contemporary or modern art? How  about museums related to aviation or art?  Log on to art websites and check out your local listings—you may be surprised.

Local art museums or galleries:  Nearly every city has at least one art museum overseen by local patrons of the arts. Watch for special collections  and art works being offered at various times of the year. Whether you’re interested in local talent, local art or classic works by Monet or Rembrandt, you’ll find interesting and enriching work on display at your local museums and art galleries.

Historical Sites/Presentations:  What is the history of your part of the world?

Are there explorers or people groups to learn about? Who lived there before you did and what events took place in your home area? Too often we miss out on fascinating bits of history right under our noses. Explore your home territory.

Local Theater Groups/Productions:  If you’re in a big city, there will inevitably be wonderful drama available. But even if you are in a small town there is sure to be a little local theater group, drama class, a theatre community or perhaps a dance club that puts on performances. There is something special about a live performance and often secondary schools and colleges offer top-rate productions as well. Check out theatre companies, even theatre auditions in your local area.

Local parks, wildlife refuges or waterways: Our natural habitats offer endless possibilities for enrichment. Walks, hikes, and picnics in the out of doors make  for healthy recreation. What flora and fauna are available to you? Are there endangered species nearby? What wildlife make their home within your reach? Are there zoos or game preserves with wild animals where you can witness bird migrations, fish runs, or the like? Looking for a wildlife job? You may be surprised at the fun awaiting you right in your backyard.

Local Music VenuesMore and more musical events top the list of local choices for entertainment. In addition to the usual clubs and theaters for musical offerings and concerts try state fairs, city parks and other local indoor and outdoor venues. Music of all kinds is good for the soul and being in a group of music lovers is invigorating.

You’ll think of other destinations in your part of the world in which to enjoy late-summer  fun. Perhaps you’re near wineries or amusement parks. Maybe you have natural outdoor wonders such as caves or lakes or mountain trails to enjoy. So take a look around and view your neighborhood with new eyes. Get out and have some fun before fall days turn to winter and it’s time to stay indoors around the fire.