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Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and we all know those have been in short supply the past two years. So who on your Christmas gift list will enjoy a funny Christmas gift? Here are some gag gifts guaranteed to bring laughter to the whole family when opened.

For the college student or would-be literate amongst you: A Shakespearean Insults Poster: For those who want to hit a friend with a Shakespearian zinger. “Thy food is such as hath been belched on” or You scullion, you rampallion, you fustilarian” and one more, “Where gott’st thou that goose look?”

For the avid golfer: Toilet Golf Potty Time Putter Game: This white elephant gift comes with a mini-putting green, a putter, balls and a par 3 hole. Perfect to make sure time in the bathroom is used to good advantage.

For the gentleman with the groaner jokes: The Excellent Bad Dad Jokes book, Volume 1. This book is filled with “frightfully awful” Dad jokes guaranteed to make the entire crowd roll their eyes.

For the current or former weekend warrior athlete: A “Not the Worst” award ribbon. He used to be a star, but now he is just glad to participate. And not be the worst.

For those facing middle age: The Instant Mullet Headband. He’ll get that 70’s vibe when he dons this amazingly tacky, long-haired mullet headband.

Photo Fun: The Customized Face Socks: Got an especially embarrassing photo of a friend or loved one? Why not turn it into a personalized pair of socks to delight the owner of that face?

DIY Fun: Finger Puppet Fashion Show: This one is easy and may keep the kids entertained. Buy some finger puppets. Find a large box big enough for a person to kneel inside. Glue a strip of paper along the top opening, cut a slit and enjoy a finger puppet fashion show.

Got a Good Imagination? The Instant Irish Accent Gum: For the well-traveled or those who would just love to have an authentic Irish accent. Mint flavored to bring out the blarney.

The Office Fans: Dwight Schrute Quotes Book: Dwight never fails to impress. 

Keep Package Shakers Away: The Yodeling Pickle. This motion-activated Christmas tree ornament will call out a yodel whenever someone approaches the tree to shake a package.

A word to the wise as you shop for gag gifts. Know your recipient. Many gag gifts border on crossing the line of good taste. Keep it funny, not embarrassing.