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When the holidays roll around once again, most of us head to our stash of gift wrap and ribbon.  Here are some fresh ideas for holiday gift wraps as we usually just take stock of what is left from former years and gauge what we’ll need this season. But  gift wraps are expensive, and we often end up with a pile of gifts from one or two rolls of paper making our offerings rather generic.

How about coming up with creative gift wrap ideas this year and saving some money at the same time? Here is a listing of unique and fun ways to create beautiful packages and personalize your gifts for loved ones.

  • Favorite Hobbies/Interests

The people on your list who enjoy sports or hobbies offer you a sure-fire win

when you gift wrap their present. A fishing lure for the fisherman, a small tennis

racquet drawn on the gift tag or the paper itself honors their hobby and shows you

recognize their choices. A chef’s hat for the cook, a team logo for the sports 


  • Fabrics for Gift Wraps

If you sew or have old clothing in the house, you probably have enough fabric to 

create beautiful fabric-wrapped packages. Or you may purchase a fabric napkin or

scarf  for instance as part of the gift and use it to wrap your gift. Add a pretty ribbon in contrasting 

color or pattern and you have a lovely gift wrap.

  • Plain Butcher Paper for Gift Wraps

You can purchase plain butcher paper in a variety of colors at your local craft store. 

However plain white is a good choice because you can add simple twines, yarns, or ribbons 

to dress it up. Red and Green are also good choices. 

Add some of the crafty ideas below to “accessorize” your gift.

  • Brown Paper Bags

You probably have a pile of brown grocery bags around the house, but if you don’t, 

they are easy to get. The simplicity of the bag material is quite lovely when 

decorated in any number of ways: stamps, paints, (white is especially nice), added

ornaments or natural items from the out of doors.

  • The Natural Touch

Firstly use your fabric or plain papers for gift wrap. Secondly  garnish them with something 

special from the natural world.  Moreover you can use pinecones, small twigs, berries, leaves

holly or acorns.  Finally, tie them into place with twine, raffia or ribbon.

In conclusion you’ve created 

something special!

  • Use the News

If your local newspaper still has comics in color, you’ve found a great gift wrap for

the kids on your list. And if your gift recipient loves to do word searches or 

crossword puzzles, simply use the section of the newspaper that has those items.

Another idea is to photocopy these items to create a larger piece of gift wrap. If you

have a musician in the family, find a piece of sheet music or copy one and use that.

  • Crafty Ideas for Your Holiday Gift Wraps

If you love to craft, you undoubtedly have a stockpile of items from previous projects.

Dig through your Christmas supplies for small ornaments to tie onto a package. Or 

paint or purchase small snowflakes. Bells, paper doilies, dried flowers, cinnamon 

sticks and anything pretty and small enough to embellish your plain wraps will turn 

a ho-hum package into something special.

Tiny gingerbread men and candy canes add a festive touch to gift wraps. Felted 

shapes or yarn tassels are another choice. Stick-on jewels in Christmas patterns 

make your package shine.

We love giving gifts in the holiday season. Taking the time to make at least some of your presents really special with that homemade touch in gift wrap will make the season a little brighter.