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If you are looking after your grandchildren after the Easter holidays, you might be wondering how to keep them occupied. Read on for Ask Granny’s best suggestions and top five tips for a fun-filled  Post Easter Break.

Make an Easter egg hunt

Hiding small chocolate eggs around the house and garden is a great way to amuse kids. Depending on their age, you can make it complex with clues or simply let them rifle through your cupboards and drawers looking for foil-wrapped treats.

If your grandchildren are old enough to understand, an Easter egg hunt with clues is a fun idea. Start by reading out or handing them a clue to the where the first egg is hidden, then include further clues with each subsequent egg until they have filled their ‘basket’ and the hunt is over.

If you’re not quite at the Agatha Christie level of mystery writing, feel free to take inspiration from our clues below:

  • It’s rude to read and eat, but on this shelf, you might find a treat (the bookcase)
  • Seek me out if you are able, you’ll find this next egg under the coffee…. (table)
  • There’s no need to run and don’t start rushin’, but look on the sofa for a treat behind a…. (cushion)
  • If it’s dark and you want to read, you’ll find me next to the brightness you’ll need (next to a reading lamp)
  • If you’re tired and need to rest your head, find the next egg under the covers of the… (bed)
  • When food is ready you’ll hear me ping, find an egg inside this kitchen thing (inside the microwave)
  • Time is running out, tick tock, tick tock, find your last egg by the….(clock)

Go for a bike ride

There are plenty of reasons you might want to take your grandchildren out on a bike ride this Easter. Fresh air, exercise and a picnic make a day in the saddle a great way to spend a day.

For a list of alternative popular cycle routes around the UK, take a look at Cycle Route

If your grandchildren are a little younger and a full day out might be a bit too much, pack their trikes, bikes or pushalongs in your car and head to your local park for a couple of hours.

Family fun at a theme park opening soon again!

If throwing your arms in the air and plummeting from great heights in the name of fun is your idea of an Easter treat, then a day out at a theme park could be a great option. Not surprisingly, this is a popular choice, especially if you suddenly find your home filled with grandchildren over the holidays.

With attractions suitable for all ages, you’re sure to find something to fit your family needs at Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland, Drayton Manor Theme Park or Paulton’s Park. For a full list with locations, have a look at Theme Parks UK.

Don’t be worried if you’re not such an adrenaline junkie – there must always be someone on hand to hold coats, bags and valuables!

Take a trip to London this summer

An Easter trip to London will give you tonnes to do. Along with museums and major attractions like Madame Tussaud’s and The London Eye there are some fabulous shows to see in the West End.

There’s something for all ages and tastes, from the blockbuster Wicked to modern Disney classics likeThe Lion King and Aladdin, children of all ages are well catered for. Take a look at what’s on and book tickets for London Theatres here.

Have a whale of a time in Wales

If your grandchildren are full of energy, an action-packed adventure break is the best thing to give them a family holiday to remember. Head to Zipworld in Wales with your grandchildren and they’ll not only have a brilliant day, but they’ll also tire themselves out and give you a peaceful night!

If you’d like to enjoy something a little more relaxed, pack a bucket and spade, a picnic and head to one of Wales’ exceptional beaches. The bays of Barafundle and Rhossili are often voted among the best in the world and there’s plenty more to choose from, over 150 in fact – here’s a pick of the best.

However you choose to spend your Easter, we hope you are blessed with good times, great food and glorious weather!