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Fall Activities To Do with the Grandkids

It’s crunchy leaf time again and time to get out of doors to enjoy crisp mornings and colourful autumn afternoons. Plan a day with the grandchildren and do some hands-on activities both outdoors and in.

Plan a day with the grandchildren and do some hands-on activities both outdoors and in.

Visit an apple orchard and stroll through the rows of trees laden with fruit. Prices for apples and other fall fruit are usually cheaper if you go directly to the site. Buy some for eating and some for cooking. When you get home, work together to peel and chop apples and make this yummy apple treat:

Apple-Cranberry Crumble

Ingredients: 4 cups apples slices for topping

2 cups cranberries, halved 1 cup flour

¼ c. dried cranberries ½ c. butter

¾ c. sugar ½ c. brown sugar

3 T. cornstarch ½ t. cinnamon

Let the kids help to mix the ingredients, crumble on the topping and then bake in an 8-9 inch square pan at 375 for 45-50 minutes. Cool slightly, add ice cream or whipped cream and you will have had a truly superb grandparent/grandchild experience!

When you’re ready for some crafts, take out one of those uneaten apples and make a cute little Apple Pig. You will need the following: one apple, 5 red gumdrops, toothpicks, 2 whole cloves or 3 raisins, fruit leather pieces for ears, and a piece of string red licorice or a piece of pipe cleaner for a curly tail. Gather the ingredients, show the photo for guidance and then be available to help push in pieces with toothpicks. You might want to make a sample pig for the children to copy.

There are other apple favorites such as apple pie, apple butter and applesauce. Which is your family favorite?

Maybe you prefer walking out of doors to take a closer look at what fall has to offer in the woods and fields. Gather leaves for leaf rubbings, make sketches of trees, leaves, bugs, and critters you observe. Take home found items to put into a fall scrapbook or journal. Gather seeds to string a necklace or use the leaves for prints on an autumn placemat.

Here is a fun fall project: Rock Bugs You will need to gather several small rocks, twigs, flower petals or leaves and then find some craft glue. Glue the rocks together first, allow them to dry and then add the details of legs and wings. These little bugs are quite beautiful and will be fun to do at the end of a nice fall day in the out of doors.

Some other fall activities might be:  lacing together fall shapes such as leaves, squirrels, or apples, gluing wood scraps together to create a bird feeder or napkin holder, creating a real scarecrow with straw and old clothes, making a scarecrow hand puppet, creating a simple rock garden out of a shell, soil and some fall plants such as hen and chicks, or drying an apple to make the head of a dried apple doll.

Whatever you decide to do with the grandchildren this fall, it will be a good time of sharing, creating and having fun together. That is what memories are made of!