Important & Festive Dates To Remember, 2011

Ask Granny’s  list of  important dates to remember!

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14 Feb 2011 (Monday) Valentine’s Day
1 Mar 2011 (Tuesday) St David’s Day
17 Mar 2011 (Thursday) St Patrick’s Day
3rd Apr 2011 (Sunday) Mother’s Day
23 Apr 2011 (Saturday) St. George’s Day
24 Apr 2011 (Sunday) Easter Sunday
2 May 2011 (Monday) May Day
19 Jun 2011 (Sunday) Father’s Day
31 Oct 2011 (Monday) Halloween
30 Nov 2011 (Wednesday) St. Andrews Day
25 Dec 2011 (Sunday) Christmas Day



Year Fathers’ Day in U.S.A., Canada and U.K. June 19th Fathers’ Day in Australia
& New Zealand
Sept 4th




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